Christian Manhard

New Hampshire

We ran into Christian last season as he was traveling the New England circuit and were instantly hyped on his full on attitude. Working with the bEASTly series throughout the season and hitting every comp available, including Transworld’s TransAm series, Last Call, King of the East, and many others up and down the coast, he’s made it clear where he want’s his riding to take him.

You’re from NH right? Where did your riding begin and how was last season since the East Coast had a solid winter finally?

Yup, I live in the middle of the woods with my dog. This winter was savagely cold but by far the best one that I can remember.

What’s up with this rope swinging dog of yours?

Buddy the dog is just a beast in general. Swinging from rope swings is just one of his many talents.

Sorry we made you sleep on your car at SIA, but with that said, what’s up for this season?

No worries, I’ve woken up in weirder places. A bush in Boston and a laundromat in West Virginia are just a couple places I called home for a night, so waking up on a car in Colorado wasn’t too shocking.


No address northern New Hampshire

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David M. Cook F.V.K

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155 FVK

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