Krister Ralles

Linwood, Minnesota

Amainstay on Monument’s roster for several years now, Krister is still pushing it the same way he did on day one when Dave met him. Not only does he just flat out destroy everything that’s put in front of him, he sets off a sincere positive vibe that seems to generate an urgency in everyone around him to simply ride more.  This past season he focused his efforts on Celtek’s “Nothing To Prove” that took the entire crew throughout Minnesota and to Utah. Additionally he continued working with Bald Egal Productions in their upcoming release “Hooks and Hammers”, that continues to feature the strong talent coming out of the Mid-West. Krister’s just going to continue moving forward without anything getting in his way and we’re stoked to be along for the ride.


Photo by: Oli Gagnon

How did that conversation go down with Duluth’s finest before that rail?

Those cops were actually pretty cool. They showed up right after we finished setting it up for two hours. I had snow all over the street so I was worried they would give us the boot. I went and talked to them and they said I could hit it once. After I hit it they kinda turned there back so I kept on hitting it. Then they started watching. After awhile they left but not until three other squads showed up to watch,, haha.

You appeared to have a few fishing outings this summer, where were some of the key spots in case we drive through the land of a thousand lakes next summer?

Fishing was awesome this year. I ended up doing a lot of kayak fishing because I could get into a bunch of private lakes that aren’t accessible by boat. I went on Google maps a bunch and found some really cool spots. I also love fishing the St. Croix River that is on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

How was is riding with Celtek in their first solo production?

Filming with Celtek this year was amazing. I got to ride with some people I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. Also really got to know Bjorn. The movie was really laid back. We just went out and had fun doing what we love to do, SNOWBOARD!!!

We can’t seem to keep track of you, where you sleeping tonight?

Hahaha, right now I’m sleeping in a man camp in the northwest North Dakota oil fields. It’s crazy out here, I’ve been working at least 12 hours every day for a month. I think this week I have like 98 hours or something. I’m working for a crane company out here. When I started I had no idea what I was doing and still don’t, haha.  They don’t care though, it’s so brutal out here they hire pretty much anyone. The pay is good so I can save money to ride everyday this winter. I have until the end of October then I’m done and back to snowboarding. Believe me, I can’t wait. It will all be worth it when I’m taking turns on that new FVK.


Linwood, MN & Trollhaugen

Currently Riding:
155 FVK & & 158 Memento Mori