Syota 'Michael' Shimazaki

Nagano, Japan

Michael is one of greatest jibbers in Japan by our account. He’s known to have a strong mental imagination for street shredding and we think this trait is what lifts him to routinely annihilate urban features when going out.

Michael became popular in Japan from his featured parts in “LB movie” and “MYK movie”. A member of the MYK BOYZ (which means one of Myoko Niigata area local team), they are a unique crew who are sometimes straight up outlaws while filming, and a point you will see come through in their movies. Michael went to the US to ride and do some shooting this past year, and during his travels he recognised what he is capable of and is focused to establish his own style through this U.S. experience.


Saku, Nagano

Regular Stance

Currently Riding:
151 District